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RAGING WAVES-Plunge into Fitness

Once again Raging Waves is running their Plunge into Fitness program. Participants must exercise for 30 minutes every day during the month of March and log their activities on the attached fitness log. This will earn your K-5 grader a free admittance pass to Raging Waves during the 2016 summer season. Please turn in your completed forms to the main office by April 11th.

Your fitness logs must include the following information in order to receive your free pass:

~ student name clearly legible

~ student grade clearly legible

~ parent signature

Every year we receive several forms that cannot be processed because the name is illegible, or the form is missing vital information, so please check the form before your child submits it.

NEW this year Owen families can purchase online tickets and save $7 for full day admission.  This offer is only available online.  

Save $7 per ticket with the link:

Enter store name: Owen123 in box at the bottom of the page. 

If you have any questions about this program, you can contact Melissa Naffziger at melissa_naffziger@gmail.comThank you!


Our Mission…

To help all students learn, develop, and apply the skills needed for daily participation in personal fitness and lifetime activities which contribute to healthy lifestyle.

Program Emphasis


  • Demonstrate progress toward the mature form of selected manipulative, locomotor, and nonlocomotor skills.
  • Demonstrate mature form in walking and running.

First and Second Grade

  • Demonstrate mature form in skipping, hopping, galloping, and sliding.
  • Demonstrate mature motor patterns in simple combinations.
  • Demonstrate smooth transitions between sequential motor skills.
  • Exhibit the ability to adapt and adjust movement skills to uncomplicated, yet challenging, environmental conditions and expectations.

Third, Fourth, & Fifth Grade

  • Demonstrate mature form in all locomotor patterns and selected manipulative and nonlocomotor skills.
  • Adapt a skill to the demands of a dynamic, unpredictable environment.
  • Acquire beginning skills of a few specialized movement forms.
  • Combine movement skills in applied settings.

Curricular Units

Kindergarten, First, & Second Grades

  • Locomotor Games
  • Kicking Games
  • Throwing Games
  • Bowling
  • Dance
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Manipulative Activities
  • Fitness Stations
  • Heart Adventure
  • Jump Rope
  • Track

Third, Fourth, & Fifth Grades

  • Fitness Stations
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Bowling
  • Dance
  • Basketball
  • Floor Hockey
  • Heart Adventure
  • Kickball/Softball
  • Track & Field




All logs are to be completed and turned in with a parent's signature by April 11th in order to receive credit.  You can print out fitness log below.

Fitness Log

PE Workbooks

This year grades 3-5 will be using a workook in physical education class.  This workbook will be used as a resource to enhance the students understanding of healthy choices and how their bodies work.  They will also be used to check their understanding of sport and fitness concepts appropriate for each grade level. 

PE Slips

Owen is beginning the CHAMPS management plan this year.  This includes voice levels, school wide rules, and other forms of class management tools.  One of the items I am beginning in PE is what I am going to call a behavior slip.  If a student forgets their PE shoes, is disruptive, doesn't follow the directions, or cannot keep their hands to themselves then they will be given a PE behavior slip.  They have to fill out the slip by checking off why they received it and also write a response of how they can participate in class instead of receiving a slip.  Then they must have a parent  sign it and return to me the next day of school.  If I do not receive the slip then I will be calling home to make sure communication is being made at home.  This will assist in communication from me to home and also hopefully get the student to understand why they received a slip.  Each quarter I will throw away all slips and all students start fresh.  If a behavior is extreme, like spitting, kicking, or hitting, then an office referral will be given.  Also, if a student receives a number of PE slips then an office referral might come into play and/or their quarter grade will be influenced.

PE Behavior Slip


Please go to the Clubs/IM page to find permission slips and calendars


Learning targets are specific ideas or concepts that we want to learn as a class in a given unit. Learning is sometimes lost in PE due to the idea of performance. This year I want to make sure that students truly understand the concepts I am teaching as it will only lead to more success in life-long fitness. We will have class discussions at the beginning of each unit and will give the students an opportunity to share with me what they want to learn out of the unit. An example of a target could be dribbling a basketball. Obviously the lesson I teach specifically on dribbling would hit that target, but being a target now, it is going to be thought about during game play, shooting drills, talking about positions, and so on. Now all of the sudden students truly understand not only the technique in dribbling a basketball, but how it is used in basketball.

We discussed PE targets. These targets are going to be our year long targets.   Through discussions the students came up with these targets and will be discussed throughout the entire year. 

  • I can explain HEART RATE and why it goes up when exercising and health benefits
  • I can explain how to BUILD MUSCULAR STRENGTH through eating healthy and daily exercises
  • I can make HEALTHY CHOICES by the knowledge gained through PE classes
  • I can use SPORTSMANSHIP and demonstrate understanding while participating in a wide variety of activities
  • I can motivate myself to reach my goals and my expectations






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